Room Decoration

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Hello everyone,
Now the wedding season is quietening down I actually have time to update my blog…sorry its taken so long!! As the title states this is about room decoration which is the core of my business and simply means the same as venue dressing which is to decorate the room/venue of your choice. As previously disussed I am happy to decorate as much or as little as required from table linen and chair covers to all the finishing touches like centrepieces and diamante sprinkles. I am happy to say It has been a very busy year for us and the bookings are coming in thick and fast for 2013 and 2014. I do find a few people leave organising the room decoration towards the end of the list of ‘things to do’ but I am always happy to help, even if it is two days before the wedding as this actually happened earlier this year believe it or not! There was also a 40th birthday party that I helped with where she provided the bits she wanted and I put them up for her so you dont have to hire from me, you could just hire my time to decorate your room, just ask! The only thing I havent had time for is updating my website so I am now on a mission to get that finished before the year is out with a little help from my brilliant SEO Mark Black! Well I think thats enough from me for now and Il be back soon….bye