Vintage Wedding Preparations

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Hello again!  One of the things I pride most about my service, other than making a room look beautiful,  is getting the colour of the bows as close as possible to the brides choice of colours.  Other venue dressers may just have one bow in each colour but there are thousands of different shades of bows out there and if I can’t get a single bow to work, I will add two bows together for just 25p extra, alternatively why not try a satin or teffetta bow as they give a beautiful solid look. I currently have five different purples, three different reds, three different greens and the list goes on… Another addition for someone looking for something very elegant and adding a touch of bling would be the diamante buckle. I have some butterfly diamante buckles which I hire at 25p each and give a beautiful finish as seen in the photograph attached.
Another thing we’ve found is every bride has a different idea for their centrepieces, we offer a variety of options from candelabras to martini vases, birdcages to goldfish bowls and with prices starting as low as £5.00 it also keeps them affordable.  A recent trend is the vintage look which I mentioned last time and the most popular centrepiece for this theme is a birdcage with either fresh flowers or just a candle, either one looks as beautiful.
As I said last time I’m very excited to be doing the vintage wedding this weekend in Cheshire so will be back again next week with lots of pictures…
Bye for now x