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Our new look..

Hello everyone, welcome to my brand new website with my beautiful newly vamped logo, thank you Mark Black, great job! I am proud to say that I am now the owner, not tenant, of my lovely shop at 23 High Street, Biddulph, ST8 6AW. I still have limited opening times but if you would like to come and see me please just give me a call as I’m always happy to meet you there.

Well what can I say, I’ve had yet another busy year and met a lot of lovely happy brides and grooms as well as doing a lot of work on charity balls which I always really enjoy.

Here’s a little insight into the trends I have found this year to be the most popular.

I would say the most popular colour for this year has been navy, navy organza bows, navy taffeta bows and the navy chair hoods which have really taken off this year. I have also introduced navy polycotton chair covers which have been well used already and a great addition to my already overgrown stock level!!
I also found the vintage themed weddings are still very popular with the lace bows, wooden blocks, jam jars with white gyp and garden flowers, pearls etc.
I am also using a lot more of the Lycra chair covers which I only started using last year but have found them to be a great addition and as a slightly cheaper, more affordable option due to there being no ironing involved..yey!
I would say the biggest increase of use this year has got to be the linen side of the business. I offer all sizes in round, square or oblong poly cotton table cloths and they also come in black, white or ivory and with more people booking the more local venues like town or village halls these are not always included so even if your just having a birthday party or christening and just need a few cloths, I’m happy to help.
I am also happy to say i’m continuing to work with my long established connections with the Best Western Stoke on Trent Moat House Hotel in Etruria, where I can cater for not just weddings but the big corporate dinners, charity balls, boxing evenings, graduation balls and of course there very elegant new years eve party which is held every year in the Ballroom.

A few other places I have really enjoyed working with and would make a great venue for any special occasion are Hotel Rudyard, Alsager Golf Club and Swettenham Arms.

All that’s left to say is have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year and I hope you enjoy my new website.

Zelda x

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January Blog

Hello everyone and happy new year to you all. Im hoping this is going to be my busiest and most successful year so far! I already have contacts recommending me at a few local venues and Im currently in discussions with another very exclusive venue in Cheshire so fingers crossed they will be recommending me soon aswell!! As you can see I have included the photographs from the two New Years Eve parties I dressed, which I was very happy with, especially the lamp shade centrepieces. I have also invested in some LED light bases (as seen in the lampshade photographs) which Im sure youl agree really add the wow factor to any centrepiece and at just £2.50 extra they are also affordable.
You will also notice I have added to my packages and changed my price list slightly but dont worry they are still very affordable and include all the finishing touches you could want, but if you cant see what your looking for please just ask?
I think thats enough from me for the time bieng and I will speak to you all again next month, Goodbye for now x

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Room Decoration

Hello everyone,
Now the wedding season is quietening down I actually have time to update my blog…sorry its taken so long!! As the title states this is about room decoration which is the core of my business and simply means the same as venue dressing which is to decorate the room/venue of your choice. As previously disussed I am happy to decorate as much or as little as required from table linen and chair covers to all the finishing touches like centrepieces and diamante sprinkles. I am happy to say It has been a very busy year for us and the bookings are coming in thick and fast for 2013 and 2014. I do find a few people leave organising the room decoration towards the end of the list of ‘things to do’ but I am always happy to help, even if it is two days before the wedding as this actually happened earlier this year believe it or not! There was also a 40th birthday party that I helped with where she provided the bits she wanted and I put them up for her so you dont have to hire from me, you could just hire my time to decorate your room, just ask! The only thing I havent had time for is updating my website so I am now on a mission to get that finished before the year is out with a little help from my brilliant SEO Mark Black! Well I think thats enough from me for now and Il be back soon….bye

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Vintage Wedding Preparations

Hello again!  One of the things I pride most about my service, other than making a room look beautiful,  is getting the colour of the bows as close as possible to the brides choice of colours.  Other venue dressers may just have one bow in each colour but there are thousands of different shades of bows out there and if I can’t get a single bow to work, I will add two bows together for just 25p extra, alternatively why not try a satin or teffetta bow as they give a beautiful solid look. I currently have five different purples, three different reds, three different greens and the list goes on… Another addition for someone looking for something very elegant and adding a touch of bling would be the diamante buckle. I have some butterfly diamante buckles which I hire at 25p each and give a beautiful finish as seen in the photograph attached.
Another thing we’ve found is every bride has a different idea for their centrepieces, we offer a variety of options from candelabras to martini vases, birdcages to goldfish bowls and with prices starting as low as £5.00 it also keeps them affordable.  A recent trend is the vintage look which I mentioned last time and the most popular centrepiece for this theme is a birdcage with either fresh flowers or just a candle, either one looks as beautiful.
As I said last time I’m very excited to be doing the vintage wedding this weekend in Cheshire so will be back again next week with lots of pictures…
Bye for now x

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welcome to my first ever wedding venue blog

Welcome to my first ever blog, let me start by telling you how I got into the venue dressing business!! When I got married seven years ago I paid quite alot of money for the room to be dressed with chair covers, organza bows, swags, slip cloths and sprinkles but it really did transform the room we had at Cranage Hall, Cranage, Cheshire. The outside of the building was beautiful but inside it was more of a conference venue and such alot of time and money was spent organising my perfect day it was very important that the venue was as stunning as me in my wedding dress….only kidding but it was nice to have everything in the same colours as my dress and bridesmaids dresses. After the wedding I sat thinking how much I had enjoyed planning my day and how stunning the room looked and thought it was something I would be interested in and would love to do so I offered to dress the room of my friends wedding at Keele Hall, Keele, Newcastle under Lyme.

The room looked amazing (even though I say so myself) and from then on the business has grown and is still growing, at a fast rate, and my mum has also come onboard offering floral arrangements, brides bouquets, buttonholes etc. so we really are a one stop shop with a freindly but professional approach. I will cater for as much or as little as required. We cover the Staffordshire and Cheshire areas but are more than happy to travel outside of these areas if needed,  a recent example of this is a wedding we did at Drayton Manor Park, Tamworth, Shropshire. I have done many parties, weddings, christenings and birthday parties over the years but I never tire of completely transforming a venue for someones special day.

Next weekend is the busiest weekend of weddings so far and I am very excited as I have five weddings on the same day at Alsager Golf Club in Cheshire (a regular venue of mine), The Manor House in Cheshire, Westwood Golf Club in Leek, Staffs, The Izaac Walton Hotel in Dovedale and Moorville Hall in Staffordshire. Then the week after Im looking forward to dressing a vintage wedding at Three Horseshoes in Leek, Staffs where I will definately be posting some photographs as Im really excited about that one, and then Im off to The Marriott Hotel in Manchester for one of the largest weddings ive done so far.  Anyway enough for now but I will be back soon with an update and pictures..

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